Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP Review

When adults are younger, many are fascinated by the art and science of tracking the weather and storms. How many movies or television shows have you seen of actors chasing after powerful storms with unique and clever technology? Today, there is even a dedicated week all to storm chasing! This is a trend that has picked up steam, which is why, today, weather instrument manufacturers are making it easier than ever for hobbyists and professionals to track and collect weather information.

In the weather instrument industry, there are dozens upon dozens of different weather stations and weather instrument all intended to help people at home track the weather and create their own accurate weather reports. This may mean learning the weather patterns, studying the moon phases, or even reading barometric pressure in relation to the current weather.

So, if you are wanting to become your own personal meteorologist and learn to predict the next storm or sunny day, this is where Weather Geeks comes into the picture. In this article, we are going to shine light on one of the most popular brands in the industry, Ambient Weather, and their popular wireless weather station, the WS 1400-IP.

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Who is Ambient Weather?

Ambient Weather is a popular weather station manufacturer who was originally founded in 1998. With over 20 years’ experience producing high-quality weather and environmental instruments, Ambient Weather rose to the top as one of the best providers and brands for wireless weather stations. The company positions themselves as the best wireless weather station provider that can also provide the most accurate weather data and information. With high quality features, like a protection radiation shield and sensors, the company touts their innovation and dedication to hobbyist and professionals alike.


Given that the WS-1400-IP is manufactured by one of the leading companies in the weather instrument industry, there are many different advantages to this product which are worth noting. First and foremost, given the build and innovation, the WS-1400-IP is probably one of the most unique weather stations on the market today, in light of it’s wireless capabilities. Moreover, since this product does not come with a prominent large console or display, all information and data collected is transferred digitally.

In fact, consumers have the unique ability to select whether they are seeking their data to be transferred to their computer or their cell-phone. On top of this, hobbyist or professionals can relay this information across different weather related social websites, including Wunderground. Furthermore, there is also the option to enjoy the free benefits of Google’s weather services, which includes mapping, weather updates, and even graphical representations.

The last major advantage worth noting is that, out of the many different weather instruments that are available today, the Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP is one of the easiest to set up. We are going to explore this concept a bit further in our review. It’s also important to note that, the WS-1400 is an older version – there is currently a new-and-improved model, the WS-1401, which is available as well.


While there are many advantages of this elite weather instrument, there are still a few disadvantages to this product, which is always worth consideration. First and foremost, this observer does not feature the ability to connect with HughestNet, which if you are not familiar, this is the most popular web accelerator available today. In addition, while it’s great that the information collected by the WS-1400-IP is transferred digitally, to track indoor temperature and humidity, consumers will need to download a specific application called Wunderground iPad Application. Sadly, this feature is only available to those who have purchased and iPad.

As far as the performance and quality of the weather instrument, the Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP does not perform as intended in salt-based environments. In other words, if you are planning on using this weather instrument near the ocean or local marine areas, it may provide faulty information, or even break down. Since WS-1400-IP signals are not strong enough to pass through specific types of materials, it’s essential to figure out what your specific use will be with this weather instrument. For example, if you live in an artic area, the Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP is most likely not the best option for you. This is because the Ambient Weather instruments do not fare well in freezing temperatures.

Aside from this, a common complaint of consumers is that the WS-1400-IP does not come with a dedicated console, which can make tracking data slightly more difficult. So, before you are quick to purchase this weather instrument, be sure to evaluate what is important to you – and make sure that this Ambient Weather product rises beyond expectations.

Build Quality

If you are a previous customer of Ambient Weather, you will notice many similarities with the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP. The product is well-designed and constructed; however, it’s lifespan is estimated to last around five years. With that in mind, this wireless weather station was not build with industry-grade material in which it can handle extreme climates and temperatures. While the instrument does come built with a powerful protection guard from solar radiation, the weather station will not fare well in extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures. On top of this, as we discussed above, this weather station will not perform to it’s capacity near the ocean. In purchasing any weather station, it’s important to consider where you will be using this, and how the environment may shape or impact the results. Aside from these minor faults, the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP is built up-to-standards, and has been said to exceed the build quality of it’s competitors.


One of the biggest selling factors of the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP wireless weather station is that it’s incredibly easy to set up, if you are technology savvy. Almost every single consumer who has tried this product have reported the installation and set-up processing being a breeze, in comparison to other weather stations. With that being said, since the product is wireless, it will require the consumer to set-up a program either though their desktop, or mobile device, which is connected to the weather station and the router, all of which comes with a standard purchase.


A standard purchase of the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP comes with the following features, which can be broken down into two specific categories:

  • Observe

When it comes to the list of features, we can first beginning looking at the Observer IP. This module is roughly 3” x 2.5” x 1” and is partnered with both an AC adapter and an earthen cable. If you are new to the wireless weather station industry, the observer is responsible for receiving and transmitting valuable weather data that is tracked by the Sensors to the actual router. From there, the information is then inputted on the consumer’s desktop or mobile devise. With flexibility to use on any internet browser, it appears that Ambient Weather intended to provide consumers with as much customization as possible. Our favorite feature about the Observer is the ability to link to Wunderground, one of the most popular personal weather websites on the internet today. With 14 second intervals, consumers can ensure that their weather data is precise and up-to-date. This is considered one of the fastest times for this tier and class.

  • Sensors

The magic of the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP wireless weather station can be attributed to it’s Sensor Suit, or sensors. This all-in-one feature is wireless, solar-powered, and has a range of nearly 300ft. This weather station has the capacity to measure an assortment of weather data, including indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation, wind direction, and much more. With embedded sensors and equipment, the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP has innovative hygrometers, barometers, which are great for indoor readings.

Accuracy and Performance

In this industry, it’s incredibly important to review and gauge the accuracy and performance of the weather instrument and station. At this price range, you can anticipate better than average accuracy and great performance. In fact, the Ambient Weather brand is known to implement the best possible technology and innovation to secure the best possible results and data. With this in mind, aside from the easy installation, another area where this weather station exceeds is in accuracy, in comparison to the competitors at this price range. As far as performance is concerned, while this weather station can provide accurate information – it cannot always perform up to standards. As we have stated through-out this review, the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP is not designed to handle extreme climates or temperatures, and cannot handle reporting near the ocean or marine environments. It’s important to consider all of these factors before purchasing a weather station.

Costs and Affordability

When it comes to picking out the best wireless weather station, it’s important to always considered its costs and whether it’s affordable. When it comes to the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP, it’s currently selling price is $134.95. All of the features that we discussed above are included with this standard price. Please note, there are different add-on packages that consumers may choose from. For example, you may choose to purchase a Weather Webcam, which can be used for indoor/outdoor weather tracking. This is an additional fee, on top of the aforementioned price and cost. As far as costs and affordability is concerned, on the market today, there are not many weather stations that can compete on price.

Customer Reviews

In the digital age, more and more consumers are heading to the internet to review their experiences with brands or companies, and their products. With that in mind, reading up on consumer reviews can prove to be incredibly beneficial, which is why we are including it with out expert review.

Moreover, when it comes to the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP, the majority of the consumers who have reported their experiences have all positive things and regards to report. Most commonly, previous consumers tout the easy installation and accurate data collection.

The biggest complaint that consumers have reported is that the Ambient Weather WS 1400 IP is not for individuals who are not technology savvy. This is because, learning how to digitally set-up the applications and transfer data can be confusing and time consuming. It’s highly advised to read the instructions and communicate with the Ambient Weather team, should you have any questions.


When you think about how there are thousands of different weather-related instruments, you might be wondering, is the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP worth the money? Now, it may not be the answer you are looking for, but we will expand on the idea: it depends! The truth is, there are some crucial aspects and features of the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP that make this a suitable weather station for some; however, it could be a complete deterrent for others.

Honestly, if you are not technology savvy and find computers or cell-phones to be difficult to navigate, this wireless weather station will have no benefit for you. Since this weather instrument does not come with a console, and requires access to a mobile application or desktop, this product will require an individual with some savvy skills. On top of this, to reveal many of the awesome features, you need to be able to connect with weather communities online.

Now, if you are the type of weather tracker that is consistently attuned to a computer or cellphone, this wireless weather station is most certainly worth it! This product is great for the individual who enjoys the idea of having all information and data transferred to their technology devices, without any fears or worries. On top of this, as we discussed above, for the features and quality of the weather station, the Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP comes at a cost-friendly price, making it easier for hobbyists and professionals to purchase without a fear of breaking the bank.

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