Green Lightning: Is It Real, and What Does It Mean?

Green lightning, a mysterious atmospheric spectacle, has intrigued observers for centuries. While lightning typically dazzles in white or blue-white, occurrences of green-hued lightning have captivated scientists and enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we journey into the realm of green lightning, uncovering its secrets, delving into remarkable incidents, and unraveling common questions surrounding this intriguing natural phenomenon.

Characteristics of Green Lightning

Green lightning manifests when lightning bolts acquire a distinct greenish hue during discharge. This unique coloration sets it apart from the more common white or blue-white lightning, adding to its mystique and allure. Observers often describe green lightning as ethereal and otherworldly, evoking a sense of wonder and fascination.

Underlying Mechanisms

The precise mechanisms behind green lightning remain shrouded in mystery, with scientists continuing to investigate its origins and causes. While several theories have been proposed, no definitive explanation has been reached.

One hypothesis suggests that the green color may result from interactions between atmospheric conditions, the composition of gases in the air, and the presence of specific elements or compounds. Additionally, the energy released during the lightning discharge may contribute to the excitation of oxygen molecules, leading to the emission of green light.

Elusive Nature

Despite its captivating appearance, green lightning remains a rare and elusive phenomenon. Instances of green lightning are sporadic and often occur under specific conditions that are not fully understood.

Observing green lightning requires a combination of fortuitous circumstances, including favorable atmospheric conditions, appropriate viewing angles, and the presence of suitable lighting conditions. As a result, documented occurrences of green lightning are relatively scarce, adding to its enigmatic reputation.

Ongoing Research and Exploration

Scientists and researchers continue to study green lightning in hopes of unraveling its mysteries and shedding light on its underlying mechanisms.

Through laboratory experiments, field observations, and theoretical modeling, efforts are underway to better understand the factors influencing the occurrence and characteristics of green lightning.

By gaining insights into this elusive phenomenon, scientists aim to expand our knowledge of atmospheric physics and enhance our understanding of the Earth’s complex weather systems.

Green lightning represents a fascinating intersection of science, nature, and mystery. While its origins and causes remain the subject of ongoing research and debate, the allure of green lightning continues to captivate imaginations and inspire exploration.

As scientists delve deeper into the intricacies of this enigmatic phenomenon, each discovery brings us closer to unraveling the secrets of the Earth’s dynamic atmosphere.

Real Green Lightning

The elusive phenomenon of green lightning, captured in rare instances
Source: National Geographic

The elusive phenomenon of green lightning, captured in rare instances, offers tantalizing glimpses into the mysterious workings of our atmosphere. While sightings of green lightning are infrequent, documented occurrences provide invaluable insights into this captivating natural spectacle.

One of the most renowned instances of green lightning was captured during the eruption of the Chaiten volcano in Chile on May 2, 2008.

As the volcano spewed forth a towering plume of ash and smoke into the sky, an extraordinary sight unfolded—a vivid green lightning bolt streaking through the ash-laden clouds.

This remarkable photograph, captured by Carlos Gutierrez, immortalized the fleeting moment of green lightning amidst the chaos of the volcanic eruption.

Chaitén Volcano
Eruption at Chaitén Volcano, May 2008 (Carlos Gutierrez)

The only time green lightning has actually been photographed was when the Chaiten volcano in Chile erupted, spewing a cloud of ash into the sky.

Volcanic ash commonly has lightning bolts in it, a phenomenon known as volcanic lightning – except this time, the plume of ash had an eerie green lightning bolt in.

Arthur Few, a scientist from Rice University seems to have solved the question of why green lightning was only seen here and not elsewhere, shedding light on its occurrence and rarity.

Is Green Lightning Common?

According to Arthur Few, green lightning is actually far more common than we realize. We just don’t see it all the time because it usually happens inside the cloud rather than outside.

The green lightning is a streamer, or a channel of positively charged molecules that is attracted to an area of negatively charged molecules. When the two channels meet, the circuit is completed and energy is discharged.

As for the green color, that’s most likely due to oxygen molecules being supercharged by the energy from the bolt, then losing the extra energy.

As lightning jumps from one area of a cloud to the other, there are probably plenty of streaks of green lightning – but since the ice crystals that are the reason for the static charge buildup are inside the cloud, we don’t see the bolt of lightning.

It was visible in the ash cloud because the ash particles(which collide and generate static charge) are on the outside of that cloud.

Arthur Few suggests that if we were able to see inside of clouds, we may be able to see green lightning more often.

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What Does Green Lightning Mean?

The phenomenon of green lightning has intrigued scientists and skywatchers alike, leading to speculation about its significance and symbolism. While green lightning is relatively rare compared to the more common white or blue-white lightning, its appearance has sparked curiosity and mythos.

Some interpretations suggest that green lightning may symbolize renewal, growth, or transformation, akin to the vibrant hues of spring foliage. Others view it as a mystical or otherworldly occurrence, evoking images of magic and the supernatural.

In folklore and legend, green has been associated with luck, prosperity, and the natural world. Thus, some cultures interpret green lightning as a fortuitous sign or omen, heralding positive outcomes or bountiful harvests.

However, it’s essential to approach such interpretations with skepticism and scientific inquiry. While green lightning may capture our imagination and inspire wonder, its true meaning remains elusive, subject to the whims of atmospheric conditions and the mysteries of the natural world.

Things That Seem Like Green Lightning

Perhaps not qualifying exactly as green lightning, a related phenomenon is a green flash that sometimes occurs during severe weather. This is actually known as a power arc.

A power arc is when a high voltage power line is short circuited, resulting in an arc of electricity. This arc only lasts a few seconds, since most power lines have some sort of safety mechanism built in to mitigate damage from these short circuits.

These shorts are incredibly powerful and bright, and can involve tens of thousands of amperes. The arcs can be blue, green, turquoise, and even orange – which is why many people report seeing “the sky turn green”.

Often this short knocks out power, so a green flash is also associated with a loss of power in that area.

The arcs are sometimes referred to as “exploding transformers”, though transformers are not always responsible. An arc can be caused by any simple short circuit, whether the wind causes to power lines to touch, a wet branch bridged two lines, or a squirrel was unfortunate enough to walk across and bridge the circuit.

If this phenomenon is caused by lightning, it is known as a “flashover”. Flashovers are when lightning causes bridging between two power lines or a well grounded object, resulting in a very bright – sometimes as much so as lightning – flash of light coming from the ground and going up.

Green Skies and Tornados

Green skies and tornadoes

There seems to be some folklore in tornado-prone areas that a green sky is indicative of a tornado.

This seems to be more of correlation than causation!

The hues we observe in the sky are due to the way white light from the sun is scattered throughout the atmosphere. On a typical, clear day, the violet and blue spectrum is scattered the most, which is why we observe the sky to be blue.

The light from the sun during sunrise or sunset has to travel a much greater distance through the atmosphere, so even more spectra are scattered, leaving us to perceive the last colors of the rainbow: yellow, orange, and if it’s really hazy, red.

Researchers have found that the sky can turn green during thunderstorms if the storm cloud is aligned with a setting or rising sun, and you’re at the right angle to observe it.

It simply influences the way the light scatters, that’s all.

As for green skies meaning tornados, well, green skies usually indicate a large, tall thundercloud, and those are commonly associated with tornados and hail.

Does a green sky mean a twister is definitely headed your way? No. But are you going to be in for some stormy weather? Quite possibly!

Examples of Green Lightning Incidents

  1. Tornado Alley, United States (Date: June 3, 2019): In the heart of Tornado Alley, where severe thunderstorms are prevalent, reports of green lightning have been documented. On June 3, 2019, residents and storm chasers in Oklahoma and Kansas witnessed vivid displays of green lightning amidst intense thunderstorms. The green hue added an eerie quality to the already tumultuous atmosphere, leaving observers in awe of nature’s power.
  2. Mount Etna, Italy (Date: December 16, 2018): The volcanic activity of Mount Etna in Sicily has been associated with instances of green lightning. On December 16, 2018, during a period of heightened volcanic activity, lightning discharges within the ash plume emitted by Mount Etna exhibited distinctive green hues. The interaction between volcanic gases, ash particles, and lightning bolts contributed to the manifestation of green lightning, captivating onlookers with its surreal beauty.
  3. Thunderstorms over the Ocean (Date: August 8, 2020): Lightning strikes over open water, particularly during thunderstorms at sea, have been known to display green hues. On August 8, 2020, sailors and maritime observers reported sightings of green lightning during a severe thunderstorm over the Atlantic Ocean. The absence of terrestrial objects and the unique atmospheric conditions above the ocean facilitated the manifestation of green lightning, adding a mystical element to the maritime environment.

These incidents serve as testament to the diverse and captivating nature of green lightning, offering glimpses into the dynamic interactions between atmospheric phenomena and natural forces.

As scientists continue to study and explore this phenomenon, each occurrence of green lightning adds to the rich tapestry of our understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere and its mysteries.

Q&A: Common Questions About Green Lightning

As green lightning continues to intrigue and captivate observers, it inevitably sparks questions and curiosity. In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries about green lightning, providing insights and explanations to shed light on this fascinating natural phenomenon.

Q: What causes lightning to appear green? A: The exact cause of green lightning is still debated among scientists. It’s believed that atmospheric conditions, such as the presence of nitrogen or oxygen molecules, may contribute to the green coloration of lightning discharges.

Q: Is green lightning dangerous? A: Green lightning is no more or less dangerous than other forms of lightning. It indicates a discharge of electrical energy between clouds or between clouds and the ground, posing the same potential hazards as conventional lightning bolts.

Q: How rare is green lightning? A: Green lightning is considered rare compared to the more common white or blue-white lightning. Its occurrence depends on various factors, including atmospheric conditions and the specific circumstances surrounding lightning discharges.

Q: Can green lightning be captured on camera? A: Yes, green lightning can be captured on camera under the right conditions. However, due to its rarity, capturing clear and high-quality footage or photographs of green lightning may require patience and luck.

Q: Are there any superstitions or myths associated with green lightning? A: Throughout history, green lightning has been the subject of various myths and superstitions in different cultures. Some view it as a sign of impending disaster, while others see it as a symbol of renewal or transformation.

4. Can green lightning occur during any type of thunderstorm? Green lightning can potentially occur during various types of thunderstorms, including supercells, squall lines, and multi-cell clusters. The specific atmospheric conditions and environmental factors present during a thunderstorm may influence the likelihood of observing green lightning. However, its occurrence remains unpredictable and subject to numerous variables.

By addressing these common questions, we aim to deepen understanding and foster appreciation for the intriguing phenomenon of green lightning. As scientific research advances and new discoveries are made, our knowledge of this enigmatic natural occurrence continues to evolve, enriching our understanding of the complex workings of the Earth’s atmosphere.


In conclusion, green lightning continues to fascinate and intrigue, offering glimpses into the complex interplay of atmospheric forces. As scientists unravel its mysteries and enthusiasts marvel at its beauty, the enigmatic allure of green lightning remains a captivating facet of our natural world.

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  4. Green clouds with lightening last night in Dallas. We were watching from the back patio … literally just blocks north of the tornado (we had no idea the tornado was so close.)

    • Hi Lori. I’m glad you’re OK. I’m in the Dallas area too, and we were so nervous. I had my kids stayed in the downstairs bathroom for a while. The tornado sirens went off most of the night.

      • I actually captured a sighting of this on video a couple months ago during a tornado warning in the dfw area. Of course I was thinking it was bizarre and although it was quite a few ways into the skyline it lasted long enough to take a video, however I wonder if it was an arc or actual green lighting. Super cool nonetheless

  5. Twice during a thunder storm i have seen green balls of energy. Since this was in North West Kansas, there was no volcanic activity. I saw both of them high in the clouds and nowhere near an electrical line or transformer. Both were many years ago and they were during different storms.

  6. I saw a green clouds with a green lightening flash last night at around midnight.I was with my Uber guy just outside my fence,I was so scared coz av never seen such a thing in my entire life.I asked the Uber guy if he had seen wat happened n he told me he saw it and he was also scared.after paying the Uber bills I open the gate ran to my house n closed the door.I was so so scared

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    • The white lightning is the hottest lightning and the rarest lightning ever seen. But the green lightning is likely similar to black lightning but not strong as black lightning.

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    around 1015 pm near Florence SC as I was driving down I-95 south on Friday August 7 2020. This was my first experience seeing this and I am relieved that others have seen this before. What a bizarre sight. I am an amateur photographer and have taken many shots of lightning strikes with my Nikon D-90 SLR. Where was my camera when I needed it ? The storm clouds literally light up like a bright green LED would. At least I know now I was not imagining this. The thunderstorms continued for almost an hour more but I never saw any more green illuminated clouds. I have never experienced this before and I am 65 years old.

  12. Dear Tom, Thank you for this article. This might partially answer a question I’ve had since about 1988. That year, there was a hurricane passing close to my home in Clearwater, Florida. Late at night, I went outside and looked straight up. The clouds parted above me and it seemed I was looking right into the heart of the clouds. Some of the lightning flashes were teal green and some were magenta. The phenomenon went on for as long as I stared up into the cloud. I’ve never been able to find out what was happening exactly. Can you explain?

  13. Thank u for the great information. I’m in south west Florida and was watching storm coming in tonite. I watched one area in sky where much lightning was continuing in exact same location. Than I SAW IT A COUPLE OF GREEN LIGHTNING BOLTS IVE NEVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. MOST BEAUTIFUL BUT EERIE. WISH I HAD CAMERA SET UP.

  14. I have been storm chasing, or more appropriately, storm tracking for 50 years (since 1970). I have at least 3 really clear shots of green lightning from thunderstorms in Texas. A couple are cloud-to-cloud, but my best best is a cloud-to-ground strike that almost exactly mimics a normally lit cloud-to-ground strike beside it. So I disagree with the statement that, “the only time green lightning has actually been photographed is when the Chiaten volcano in Chile erupted”.
    I never show my images unsolicited. But, believe me when I say my images are worth viewing. I have displayed them in galleries in Texas.
    Some of my weather images can viewed on the website But my rare stuff like green lightning, or the mile-wide Moore tornado I keep protected.

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    Alas, not a real green lightning…

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  50. I was almost struck by a green lightning bolt while leaving work one day in Syracuse NY. DEFINITELY was lightning. Was probably in late 1990’s very early – maybe first snowfall of the year.
    I froze – like stood still- for a minute and then proceeded to slowly walk down the sidewalk on a freshly fallen dusting of snow about 30 meters to the parking lot. I remember because I looked back to see how many footsteps I took. That way I could tell how many times I said “Oh my God”. Every footstep got one. Not bad for someone whose not very religious.

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  54. I saw green lightning during a very unusual snowstorm roughly 30 years ago. My brother and I were walking from work to the restaurant where the staff Christmas party was held, roughly one mile from work. The snow started just as we left. There was no snow on the ground at the beginning of our trek, but the snowfall was so heavy that we were struggling through snow halfway up to our knees by the time we reached the restaurant just fifteen minutes later. The two of us looked like cartoon characters with piles of snow accumulated on our hats and shoulders. To top things off, it was a thundersnow. The snow was too heavy for me to see actual bolts of lightning, but the flashes were all green! I had to stop a few times to be certain I wasn’t just seeing the reflections of traffic lights in the heavy snowfall, but it wasn’t traffic lights. It was lightning. (unless traffic lights can light up the entire sky, and are followed by thunder)
    That was the only time I have ever experienced green lightning.

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