New Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Blistering temperatures are on the horizon, but your house doesn’t have to become an oven. Strategic changes now will make a huge difference in your comfort all summer long. Let’s get tactical!

Portable air conditioner unit cooling down a living room.
Portable air conditioner unit cooling down a living room.

10 Tips of Coolness

Here are some of the best ways to prepare your home for a cool summer:

1. Change air filters: 

  • Replacing old, dirty air filters is a simple yet effective way to improve airflow and keep your home cool. Clogged filters can restrict airflow, making your air conditioning system work harder and less efficiently.

2. Install a programmable thermostat: 

  • Setting your thermostat to automatically lower the temperature a few degrees before you come home can help save energy and keep your home cool. Programmable thermostats allow you to create customized cooling schedules based on your daily routine.

3. Improve airflow: 

  • Ensuring proper ventilation in your attic and living spaces is essential for cooling your home more evenly. Consider installing attic fans or vents to remove hot air and improve airflow throughout your home.

4. Use ceiling fans: 

  • Ceiling fans can help keep cool air circulating and reduce the workload on your air conditioner. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise in the summer to create a cooling breeze that helps lower perceived temperatures.

5. Add insulation: 

6. Insulate plumbing and pipes: 

  • Insulating pipes can prevent heat transfer and protect against water freezing in colder months. By insulating your plumbing and pipes, you can maintain consistent water temperatures and reduce the strain on your cooling system.

7. Ventilate the attic: 

  • Proper ventilation in your attic is crucial for maximizing the cooling effect of your air conditioner. Adequate attic ventilation helps remove excess heat and moisture, preventing the buildup of hot air that can seep into your living spaces.

8. Install awnings: 

  • Installing awnings over windows exposed to direct sunlight can help block out the sun’s rays and reduce heat gain indoors. Awnings provide shade and protection, helping to maintain a cooler indoor environment during the hottest parts of the day.

9. Utilize Window Coverings:

  • Invest in window coverings such as blinds, curtains, or shades to block out the sun’s harsh rays and prevent heat from entering your home. Opt for light-colored or reflective window coverings to help deflect sunlight and keep indoor temperatures down. Closing curtains or blinds during the hottest parts of the day can significantly reduce heat gain and maintain a cooler environment inside your home. By strategically managing natural light exposure, you can minimize the need for excessive air conditioning and improve energy efficiency.

10. Maximize Your Cooling Power

  • AC Maintenance NOW: Clean filters, DIY what you can, or have it professionally serviced, so it isn’t struggling once the heat hits.
  • Ceiling Fan Assist: They create a breeze, aiding your AC. Remember, reverse the direction in winter for better heat distribution!
  • Evaporative Coolers (“Swamp Coolers”): Work best in dry climates. If your area’s humidity is low, they’re an option.
  • Dehumidifier Doubling: Already have one? In humid heat, these lessen the “sticky” feeling, aiding comfort a bit.

When the Heat is Too Much

For targeted cooling in areas where central air conditioning is not feasible or cost-effective, a portable air conditioner offers a convenient solution. Consider the BLACK+DECKER Air Conditioner, a portable unit designed to keep your space comfortable even during the hottest days. Here’s why it’s our top recommendation:

  • Powerful Cooling: With 14,000 BTUs of cooling power, this air conditioner can effectively cool rooms up to 700 square feet, making it suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and small apartments.
  • Convenient Portability: Featuring a compact design and built-in wheels, this portable air conditioner can be easily moved from room to room, allowing you to stay cool wherever you go.
  • Remote Control: Adjusting the temperature and fan settings is a breeze with the included remote control, giving you effortless control over your comfort levels without having to leave your seat.
  • Energy Efficient: With its energy-saving mode and programmable timer, this air conditioner helps you save on energy costs while keeping your space comfortably cool.
  • Customer Favorite: Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 45,500+ ratings on Amazon, this BLACK+DECKER air conditioner is a #1 Best Seller in Portable Air Conditioners, with over 700 units sold in the past month alone.

Don’t let the summer heatwave catch you off guard. Invest in the BLACK+DECKER Air Conditioner and enjoy reliable cooling performance all season long.

FAQ: Keeping Your House Cool in Summer

This FAQ section addresses common questions about maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home during the summer months, providing practical tips and insights to help homeowners stay cool while saving money on cooling costs.

  1. What temperature should I keep my house to save money in the summer?
    • Setting your thermostat to 78°F when you’re at home and slightly higher when you’re away can help save on cooling costs.
  2. What is a reasonable temperature for a house in summer during the day and at night?
    • During the day, aim for a temperature between 75-80°F, and at night, consider setting it slightly higher for comfort.
  3. Is 70 too cold for the house in summer?
    • While 70°F may feel comfortable to some, setting your thermostat lower than necessary can lead to higher energy bills.
  4. Is it cheaper to keep your house at a constant temperature?
    • Yes, maintaining a consistent temperature rather than constantly adjusting can help improve energy efficiency and lower costs.
  5. How cool should my house be if it’s 110°F outside?
    • Aim for a temperature around 78°F indoors for a comfortable balance between cooling and energy efficiency.
  6. How do I keep my house cool in 100-degree weather?
    • Use ceiling fans, close blinds or curtains during the hottest parts of the day, and consider using a portable air conditioner for targeted cooling.
  7. What absorbs heat in a house?
    • Materials such as concrete, brick, and dark-colored surfaces can absorb heat, contributing to higher indoor temperatures.
  8. Should the fan be on when the AC is on?
    • Running the fan along with the AC can help distribute cooled air more efficiently throughout your home.
  9. What is the best AC setting for summer?
    • A temperature setting of around 78°F during the day and slightly higher at night is generally recommended for energy efficiency and comfort.
  10. Does keeping the AC at 78°F save money?
    • Yes, setting your AC to 78°F or higher can help reduce energy consumption and lower cooling costs.
  11. What house temp saves the most money?
    • Setting your thermostat to the highest comfortable temperature, typically around 78°F, can help maximize energy savings.
  12. Is it better to keep the thermostat on auto or on?
    • Keeping the thermostat on auto allows the system to regulate temperature more efficiently by adjusting fan speed as needed.
  13. What fan speed should I use in AC?
    • Using a medium or high fan speed can help distribute cooled air more effectively throughout your home.
  14. What is the difference between cool and auto mode in AC?
    • In cool mode, the AC runs continuously to maintain the set temperature, while in auto mode, the system cycles on and off as needed to reach and maintain the desired temperature.
  15. What is the difference between fan and cool on AC?
    • The fan setting circulates air without cooling, while the cool setting activates the air conditioning to lower the temperature.


By following these tips and implementing proactive measures, you can prepare your home to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer heatwave. From simple maintenance tasks to strategic upgrades, every effort counts in beating the heat and creating a refreshing retreat from the scorching sun.

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