Best 5 Portable Generators to Power Up Your Adventures

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Whether you’re camping under the stars, tailgating with friends, or preparing for unexpected blackouts, a portable generator can be a lifesaver. But with a plethora of options, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Fear not! This guide explores the best 5 portable generators, based on ratings, reviews, popularity, features, and price, to help you find your perfect power match.

Forget bulky, noisy contraptions of the past. These powerhouses pack a punch, offering freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind, whether you’re a seasoned camper, a glamping enthusiast, or simply preparing for the next blackout. We’ve scoured the online battlefield, sifting through ratings, reviews, and real user experiences to bring you the crème de la crème of portable power. From fuel-guzzling giants to eco-friendly solar saviors, we’ve got an option to spark your wanderlust and power your wildest adventures.

So, ditch the fear of the unknown and embrace the thrill of the off-grid. Buckle up, because we’re about to unlock the secrets of the best 5 portable generators, each ready to be your trusty companion on your next escape. Are you ready to shine brighter than the stars and conquer the night? Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

1. Westinghouse 9500 Peak Watt Home Backup Portable Generator:

Westinghouse 9500 generator

Imagine the lights flicker and die, plunging your home into darkness during a power outage. Fear not! The Westinghouse WGEN7500c portable generator stands ready, promising to be your knight in shining armor with a whopping 9500 peak watts and 7500 running watts to keep your essentials humming. But before you crown it king of your garage, let’s explore its features, user experiences, and potential drawbacks to see if it truly deserves a royal spot in your power hierarchy.

Powerhouse Performance:

  • 9500 peak watts, 7500 running watts: Power your fridge, lights, appliances, and even heavy-duty tools with confidence.
  • Multiple starting options: Choose between convenient remote start with included key fobelectric start, or recoil start for flexibility in any situation.
  • Up to 11 hours of run time: Enjoy extended power thanks to the 6.6-gallon fuel tank with a fuel gauge.
  • Transfer switch ready: Easily connect to your home’s electrical system for seamless backup power.
  • Safety first: Features two GFCI-protected 120V outlets, one 120/240V twist-lock outlet, and rubber covers for added protection.
  • CO sensor for safety: Automatically shuts down the generator if carbon monoxide levels become dangerous.

Shining (Mostly) Reviews:

  • 4.6-star rating and over 5,900 reviews: Users praise its power outputelectric and remote start convenience, and transfer switch compatibility.
  • Appreciations for: quiet operation (for its size), clear instructions, and overall value for the price.

A Few Shadows to Consider:

  • Price: Typically retails for around $760, making it a significant investment.
  • Weight: At 197 pounds, it’s not exactly a lightweight champion for portability.
  • Limited outlets: Only 2 AC outlets and 1 DC outlet might not be enough for extensive needs.
  • Occasional starting issues: Some users report difficulty starting the generator, particularly in cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I run my entire house with this generator?
    • A: It depends on your house’s specific power requirements. Consult a qualified electrician to determine if this generator is suitable for your needs.
  • Q: How long will it run on a full tank?
    • A: At full load, it can run for approximately 11 hours on a 6.6-gallon fuel tank.
  • Q: Does it require any maintenance?
    • A: Yes, regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and lifespan. Refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions.


The Westinghouse WGEN9500H packs a serious punch in terms of power output and convenience features. It’s a solid choice for homeowners seeking reliable backup power, especially those with larger homes or heavy-duty appliance needs. However, its weight, limited outlets, and occasional starting issues might deter users prioritizing portability or affordability. Carefully consider your needs, budget, and potential usage scenarios before making a decision. Remember, consulting an electrician to ensure compatibility with your home’s electrical system is crucial before purchase.

Additional Notes:

  • This generator is EPA compliant and comes with a 3-year limited warranty for service, labor, and parts.
  • The manufacturer states that some units may contain minimal residual oil and/or fuel odor due to factory testing. This should dissipate with use.

2. DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Hybrid Generator:

DuroMax XP13000EH

Power outages can be a nightmare, but the DuroMax XP13000EH promises to turn them into inconveniences with its impressive 13,000 peak watts and 10,500 running watts. This dual fuel beast can run on either gasoline or propane, offering flexibility and fuel choice. But before you declare it your backup champion, let’s delve into its features, user experiences, and potential drawbacks to see if it truly deserves a spot in your power arsenal.

Fuel Freedom and Powerhouse Performance:

  • 13,000 peak watts, 10,500 running watts: Power your entire home, including air conditioners and heavy-duty appliances, during blackouts.
  • Dual fuel capable: Runs on gasoline or propane, providing flexibility based on availability and price.
  • Electric start with push-button convenience: Forget manual pull starts, even in cold weather.
  • Transfer switch ready: Easily connect to your home’s electrical system for seamless backup power.
  • Multiple outlets: Features two 120V GFCI outlets, two 120/240V twist-lock outlets, and a 50A transfer switch outlet.

Shining (But Not Blinded) Reviews:

  • 4.6-star rating and over 9,400 reviews: Users praise its power outputdual fuel capability, and electric start.
  • Appreciations for: quiet operation (for its size), long run time on propane, and overall durability.

Shadows to Consider:

  • Price: Typically retails for around $1,500, making it one of the pricier options on the market.
  • Weight: Weighing a hefty 234 pounds, portability is limited.
  • Flat tire potential: Some users report issues with tires going flat if the generator sits unused for extended periods.
  • Limited warranty: Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty, compared to the 3-year warranty offered by some competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I run my entire house with this generator?
    • A: It depends on your house’s specific power requirements. Consult a qualified electrician to determine if this generator is suitable for your needs.
  • Q: How long will it run on a full tank?
    • A: It can run for approximately 7 hours on gasoline and 16 hours on propane at full load.
  • Q: Does it require any maintenance?
    • A: Yes, regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and lifespan. Refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions.


The DuroMax XP13000EH is undoubtedly a powerhouse, offering impressive dual fuel capability, high output, and convenient features. However, its hefty price tag, weight, and limited warranty might deter budget-conscious or portability-prioritizing users. If raw power and fuel flexibility are your top priorities, and you have the budget and storage space, the XP13000EH could be your backup champion. But for others, exploring more affordable or portable options might be wise. Remember, carefully consider your needs and budget before making a decision.

Additional Notes:

  • This generator is EPA and CARB compliant.
  • DuroMax offers a 5-year extended warranty at an additional cost.

3. Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station: (35% OFF)

Jackery Explorer 300

Hitting the road or embracing the off-grid lifestyle often means sacrificing creature comforts. But what if you could bring a slice of home along in the form of a portable power station? The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus promises just that, packing a punch in a lightweight package. But before you toss it in your backpack, let’s see if it shines bright enough to illuminate your next adventure.

Powerful Yet Petite:

  • 288Wh LiFePO4 battery: Offers reliable, long-lasting power for your essential devices.
  • 300W AC output: Powers laptops, lights, small appliances, and more.
  • Multiple charging options: 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and a DC output offer flexibility.
  • Lightweight (7.5lbs): Easily carried on hikes, camping trips, or road adventures.
  • Solar panel compatible (optional): Charge on the go with compatible Jackery solar panels for extended off-grid use.
  • LIMITED TIME OFF: 35% OFF – Check it out!

Shining Reviews (Generally):

  • 4.7-star rating on over 8,000 reviews: Users praise its portability, ease of use, and fast charging capabilities.
  • Appreciated for: quiet operation, sleek design, and built-in LED flashlight.

Shadows to Consider:

  • Limited power: Might not be enough for high-wattage appliances or extended needs.
  • No car charging option: Requires an additional adapter for charging directly from your car.
  • Limited warranty: Only comes with a 1-year warranty, shorter than some competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How long will it run my phone/laptop?
    • A: Depends on the device and its specific battery requirements. Check the Jackery website for estimated run times.
  • Q: Can I charge it with a solar panel?
    • A: Yes, with a compatible Jackery solar panel (sold separately).
  • Q: Is it safe for air travel?
    • A: Yes, it meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for portable lithium batteries.


The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus is a compelling option for adventurers seeking a portable and user-friendly way to power essential devices. Its lightweight design and multiple charging options make it ideal for weekend getaways or casual off-grid use. However, its limited power output and lack of a car charging option might not suit users with high-wattage needs or extended off-grid plans. Consider your power consumption and intended use before deciding if this little powerhouse is your perfect adventure companion.

4. BLUETTI AC180 Solar Portable Power Station (Limited Time $350 Off)


Imagine being off-grid, surrounded by nature, only to be tethered to your phone’s dwindling battery. The BLUETTI AC180 portable power station promises to break those chains, offering a whopping 1152Wh LiFePO4 battery and 1800W continuous (2700W peak) AC output. But before you embark on your unplugged adventure, let’s see if this power station packs the punch it promises, or if it’s just a heavy burden in disguise.

Power Packed, or Overpacked?

  • 1152Wh LiFePO4 battery: Provides ample power for smartphones, laptops, small appliances, and even power tools.
  • 4 x 1800W AC outlets (with 2700W peak surge): Power multiple devices simultaneously, including heavier-duty electronics.
  • Fast charging: Reaches 80% capacity in just 45 minutes with a 1440W AC input.
  • Multiple charging options: Includes USB-A, USB-C, DC output, and car charging capabilities.
  • Solar charging compatible: Works with compatible BLUETTI solar panels for extended off-grid use.

Shining Reviews (But Not Without Clouds):

  • 4.4-star rating and over 640 reviews: Users praise its high power output, fast charging, and multiple ports.
  • Appreciated for: built-in MPPT solar controller, clear LCD display, and sturdy construction.

Shadows to Consider:

  • Weighty: At 37 pounds, portability is limited compared to smaller power stations.
  • Pricey: Typically retails for around $1,000, making it a significant investment. However, they are offering $350 discount for limited time. Check it out here.
  • Limited warranty: Only comes with a 1-year warranty, shorter than some competitors.
  • Fan noise: Some users report the fan becoming noisy under heavy load.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I power my entire house with this?
    • A: Unlikely. It depends on your home’s specific power requirements. Consult a qualified electrician.
  • Q: How long will it run my devices?
    • A: Depends on the device and its power consumption. Check the BLUETTI website for estimates.
  • Q: Does it include solar panels?
    • A: No, solar panels are sold separately.


The BLUETTI AC180 is undeniably a powerful option for off-grid adventures or backup power during outages. Its high capacity, multiple AC outlets, and fast charging capabilities are impressive. With a $350 discount for limited time, it’s a steal!

Additional Notes:

  • The BLUETTI AC180 features a built-in LED flashlight.
  • BLUETTI offers a variety of compatible solar panels and accessories.

5. MARBERO Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet (Under $100 – $30 Discount):

MARBERO Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet

The MARBERO Portable Power Station promises to be your trusty companion on adventures, emergencies, and even home office situations. With a 24000mAh capacity and a 120W AC outlet, it claims to power your essentials seamlessly. But before you embark on your journey, let’s see if this power station reaches its promised peak or leaves you stranded at base camp.

Scaling the Power Peak:

  • 24000mAh Li-ion battery: Offers decent capacity for charging smartphones, tablets, and even laptops multiple times.
  • 120W AC outlet: Powers laptops, lights, small appliances, and more, providing versatility for your needs.
  • Multiple charging options: Features 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port (PD3.0 compatible), and a DC output, supporting a variety of devices.
  • Compact and portable: Weighing around 4.4 pounds, it’s easy to carry on hikes, camping trips, or to keep under your desk.
  • Additional features: Built-in LED flashlight, fold-out kickstand for phone charging, and a digital display showing battery level.

Reviews: Reaching High Points, or Stuck on a Plateau?

  • 4.3-star rating and over 450 reviews: Users praise its portability, affordability, and multiple charging options.
  • Appreciated for: convenient size, easy-to-use interface, and built-in flashlight.

Potential Downhill Slopes:

  • Limited power for high-wattage devices: May not be suitable for powering heavy-duty electronics or running for extended periods.
  • Shorter warranty: Only comes with a 1-year warranty, compared to some competitors’ offerings.
  • Mixed opinions on build quality: Some users report minor durability concerns.


The MARBERO Portable Power Station is a solid choice for casual outdoor enthusiasts and home office workers seeking to charge their essential devices on the go. AND with a $30 discount, you can’t really go wrong! Its portability, multiple charging options, and built-in flashlight make it convenient for short trips or everyday use. However, if you need to power high-wattage devices, plan for extended off-grid adventures, or prioritize durability and warranty coverage, exploring other options with higher capacity, solar charging capabilities, and longer warranties might be a better climb. Remember, carefully consider your power requirements, budget, and intended use before deciding.

Additional Notes:

  • The MARBERO Portable Power Station comes in multiple color options.
  • The company offers a variety of compatible accessories like charging cables and adapters.

Portable Power Station Showdown: Choosing Your Powerhouse

We’ve explored a range of portable power stations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While the Jackery Explorer 300 doesn’t reign supreme in every category, it emerges as a compelling winner for many users due to its well-rounded performance and excellent value (and a 35% off). Here’s a quick recap:


  • Westinghouse WGEN9500H: Packs serious punch (9500 peak watts), ideal for home backup but hefty and expensive.
  • DuroMax XP13000EH: Dual fuel flexibility and impressive power (13000 peak watts), but pricey and heavy.
  • BLUETTI AC180: Off-grid champion (1152Wh) with multiple AC outlets, but weighs a ton and has a limited warranty.
  • Flashfish A301: Budget-friendly with diverse features, but limited power and potential durability concerns.
  • MARBERO Portable Power Station: Compact and affordable, but lower power output and no solar charging.
  • Jackery Explorer 300: Balanced winner! Offers decent power (288Wh), portability, multiple charging options, and a user-friendly design at a reasonable price.

Why Jackery Explorer 300?

While not the most powerful option, the Jackery Explorer 300 strikes a sweet spot between performance, portability, and price. It’s powerful enough for most essential gadgets on camping trips or emergencies, lightweight enough to carry comfortably, and comes at a price point that won’t break the bank. It also boasts convenient features like fast charging, multiple charging ports, and solar compatibility (optional), making it adaptable to various needs.

Remember, the “best” power station depends on your individual needs and priorities. But if you’re looking for a versatile, portable, and budget-friendly option for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or light off-grid use, the Jackery Explorer 300 is a strong contender worthy of serious consideration.

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